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Enhance Your Retail Success with IMAS Staff and Sales Forecasting Tool

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

As a store owner or manager, staying ahead of the competition and maximizing sales is essential for your retail business. One crucial aspect of achieving this is accurately forecasting sales and effectively planning staff schedules. That's where IMAS comes in with its powerful Staff and Sales Forecasting Tool. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and features of this innovative tool and how it can help you optimize your operations, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Accurate Sales Forecasting in retail:

IMAS Staff and Sales Forecasting Tool leverages visitor and sales data to provide you with accurate sales forecasts. The tool can confidently predict future sales by analyzing historical sales, number of visitors, and us KPIs such as the store conversion rate to optimize staffing. This invaluable insight empowers you to make informed decisions about staffing levels.

Efficient Staff Planning in retail:

Properly scheduling staff is vital for maintaining excellent customer service while controlling labor costs. IMAS Staff and Sales Forecasting Tool takes the guesswork out of staff planning by aligning staff schedules with forecasted sales. By considering footfall data and sales data the tool ensures that you have the right number of staff members available during peak hours and optimizes staff utilization during slower periods.

Identifies store deviations in the store

IMAS understands that the retail landscape is dynamic and unpredictable. Therefore, the Staff and Sales Forecasting Tool identifies deviations between your plan and actual sales. You can then use this data the next time you schedule. You can track key performance indicators, store conversion rate, capture rate, and staff productivity, and make adjustments to your plans accordingly. Whether it's identifying opportunities for upselling or managing unexpected customer surges, the tool equips you with the agility to adapt and respond swiftly.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

By accurately forecasting sales and aligning staff schedules accordingly, you create a seamless customer experience. Having the right number of staff members available at all times ensures shorter waiting times, faster service, and increased customer satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to make repeat visits, recommend your store to others, and ultimately contribute to your overall success.

Easy Integration and User-friendly Interface:

IMAS Staff and Sales Forecasting Tool seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and data sources. The user-friendly interface allows for intuitive navigation and effortless access to valuable insights. You don't need to be a data expert to leverage the tool's capabilities. IMAS provides comprehensive support and training to ensure you can harness the full potential of the tool.


IMAS Staff and Sales Forecasting Tool is a game-changer for store owners and managers seeking to optimize their operations, improve sales performance, and enhance the customer experience. By leveraging advanced data analytics and accurate sales forecasts, you can confidently plan staff schedules and make data-driven decisions that drive your retail success. Experience the power of IMAS's Staff and Sales Forecasting Tool today and unlock the potential of your retail business. Contact us and book a demo.

Remember, success begins with accurate forecasting and efficient staff planning. Take control of your retail operations and empower your business with IMAS.


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