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Footfall Counters with Real-time Occupancy in the Nordic Regions Largest Wild Life Park

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Since this Easter, Kolmården, the Nordic region's largest Wild Lifepark, counts its visitors in real time with the help of footfall counters from IMAS Group. – For us at Kolmården, it is of great importance to know exactly how many guests there are in the park to minimize the spread of the ongoing pandemic, we also see great benefits in the future to get a better overview of visitor flows in the park and create world-class experiences, says Jimmy Persson, Business Area Manager at Kolmården.

Jimmy Persson, business area manager at Kolmården Zoo.
Jimmy Persson, Business Area Manager at Kolmården.

The pandemic hit Kolmården hard in 2020 and meant that the park had to restructure much of its operations to be able to handle the current restrictions.

- This meant that we, for example, only received booked visits, introduced a cash-free park, food orders in the app, changes in physical queuing systems, kept more entrances open and more, says Jimmy Persson.

- Now we have set up footfall counters at all entrances and inside the park's two largest stores with digital signs to make it easy for the guest to understand when you can go in or not to counteract congestion.

Jimmy says that if they had not had a footfall counter on site, the park would have had to staff every entrance every hour, every day, in order to keep the optimal number of guests in the park.

- It will quickly be a saving for us and we can put those resources on other safety measures in the park, such as crowded hosts, says Jimmy.

The stores are equipped with footfall counters with IMAS live streaming to avoid congestion

The stores at Kolmården have been equipped with footfall counters with IMAS live streaming, this real-time solution has an update frequency of only 5 seconds. In a small area, it can quickly become congested, so this solution comes in handy.

- The fact that we have footfall counters on site means that we can focus on providing good service to our guests, instead of our sales teams getting stuck in the fact that they must act as congestion hosts.

Better control of visitor flows with the help of footfall counters

In addition to knowing how many people go in and out, Jimmy and his colleagues today know more about how guests move and where they leave the park.

- I have been interested in footfall counters before to get a better idea of ​​how the guests move and get a good basis for movement patterns. This will help us improve the experience for the guests even after the pandemic.

Finally, how is to be working with IMAS?

- I think that the commissioning of the equipment has gone well and there has been a good dialogue along the way. We managed to establish the system in a very short time. My contact person Simon is available, we are open at different times and we were clear with this from the beginning that it is not a 7-16 business, it has been smooth and he is very accommodating.

About Kolmården

Kolmården is one of Swedens most popular destinations for families with children, including the Wildfire roller coaster, the Safari cable car, the HOPE dolphin show and Bamse's World. During one season, Kolmården has just over 700,000 visitors.

About IMAS

We help and support shopping mall operators, retail chains, cities and public institutions (plus many more), collect and understand valuable information about visitors and customers. The information is collected from people counters, footfall traffic, ERPs or other sources of information. 100% GDPR Compliant.


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