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Herning Municipality Collects Visitor Data: From Gut Feelings to Facts

Herning Municipality in Denmark has begun collecting visitor data with the assistance of IMAS Group Denmark. The municipality aims to transition from gut feelings to facts when making decisions, using visitor data to gain deeper insights into movement patterns and visitor numbers to strengthen urban development.

"We have chosen the IMAS solution because we want to move from gut feelings to facts. We are actively working on urban development and want to learn more about how many people visit the city and when they are here," says Katrine Høj Keseler, development consultant in Herning Municipality.

The visitor counting system set up by Herning Municipality in collaboration with IMAS Group is optimized to efficiently collect the right type of visitor data, in the right locations.

"We use WiFi technology to collect visitor flows in large areas and sensors to accurately count the number of visitors at specific key locations. Using the sensors, we also collect demographic information such as gender and age," says David Kern Sloth, sales director for IMAS Group Denmark.

Herning Joins a Number of Other Cities

By joining IMAS Group's visitor counting system, Herning Municipality joins cities such as Middlefart, Ringkøbing, and Aalborg. The common denominator and the unique aspect are the combination of different technologies for collecting visitor data, personalized service, and flexibility in contract design, meaning no binding periods or hidden startup fees.

Learn more about the benefits of using different technologies for collecting visitor data here.

About IMAS Group:

IMAS Group is a supplier of innovative visitor counting solutions that enable cities, businesses and organizations to optimize their operations, improve visitor experiences and drive growth. With the help of the latest technology and expertise in data analysis, IMAS Group enables customers to make informed decisions based on visitor data. IMAS Group has a global presence with offices in Europe, India and Southeast Asia.

About Herning:

Herning City is located in central Jutland and has about 50,000 inhabitants.


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