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Footfall Traffic in a Norwegian City: "We run the center of Fredrikstad in the same way as a mall"

In Fredrikstad, the availability of information on the number of visitors and shopping patterns is a natural part of daily work to improve the everyday lives of shop owners and visitors in the city. Each week, reports are sent to stakeholders and policy makers. – Today we know if the things we are doing is right or wrong, in our efforts to create an even better center, says Line Jeppesen, who is the center leader in the Fredrikstad Business Association.

In 2015, as one of the first cities in the Nordic region, Fredrikstad's Business Association invested in providing reliable information on the number of people visiting the city. Six people counters were installed and data on the number of visitors began to flow. Today, the system has grown, using both 3D cameras and WIFI technology to gather visitor analytics from footfall traffic.

- Today we have 18 people counters installed and we cover the entire center. We know exactly how many people pass in and out of the city and where about they move.

Line says that Fredrikstad works with footfall traffic just like a modern shopping center does.

- We operate our city center in the same way as a shopping center. Thanks to information about the number of visitors and shopping patterns, we gain fact-based knowledge, which for example gives us easier dialogue with the shop owners. We simply avoid bad discussions that take time and provide nothing for all parties.

In addition to a good collaboration, Fredrikstad also ensures quality work of his own. The information from the footfall traffic is presented in a simple way via the IMAS portal Xperio.

- We can measure ourselves and see directly whether the activities we do attract more visitors to the center or not. Each week, reports are sent to stakeholders and policy makers.

The city / municipality tried free bus travel for 3 months and got direct figures for how it affected the visitor flow in the city center.

Line says there are more and more cities analyzing the number of visits and movement patterns.

- Many people want training in this and today there is an understanding of the great benefits that come when you start using the information in your daily work, Line concludes.


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