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Søstrene Grene Partners with IMAS Group for Visitor Data Analysis

In 2023, Søstrene Grene partnered with IMAS Group to collect and analyze visitor data for all its stores. As the year concludes, we spoke with Niklas Holz at Søstrene Grene, who emphasized, "We, as customers, are taken very seriously, and the support is proactive, positive, and always swift."

Discover how IMAS Group and Søstrene Grene have built a close collaboration, successfully managing the visitor data of the stores.

It all began with Søstrene Grene wanting to determine if they had the best-available solution in the market for collecting visitor data. Following recommendations, Niklas Holz first contacted IMAS.


"We were looking for a competitive solution with a high level of service. We didn't want too much, but at the same time, not too little," says Niklas Holz, International Business Developer at Søstrene Grenes Import A/S.


A Collaboration Marked by Reliability and Humbleness

Early in the process, it became clear that IMAS would go the extra mile to establish a partnership with Søstrene Grene.


"I understood that IMAS really wanted to collaborate with us, but they also didn't oversell themselves. For us, it was important to have a partner who appeared both reliable and humble. IMAS didn't promise too much, and they have delivered more than we expected."


Niklas explains that the collaboration in 2023 has been characterized by patience and a great understanding, made possible by a good agreement for both parties.


"IMAS really wanted to understand our needs, and I can only say that the daily support and delivery from Torben Aksel Sørensen, David Kern Sloth, and their support team at IMAS are unparalleled. We, as customers, are taken very seriously, and the support is proactive and immediate."


Competitive Solution

When asked about the services and the type of support that IMAS has provided to Søstrene Grene, Niklas states that they have received a competitive solution.


"IMAS is open to new solutions and sees opportunities, whether it's a new dashboard in Xperio, in-store displays, deliveries, pre-ordering, etc. They also suggest new projects, and again, without exaggerating – they deliver proactive customer service, providing reassurance. IMAS is at the forefront but without pushing."


Ambitious Growth Plans for Søstrene Grene

Niklas can summarize a positive year and looks forward to continued expansions. When asked if he can recommend IMAS Group to others looking to collect sales and visitor data, he responds:


"Yes, without a doubt. Søstrene Grene has ambitious growth plans, and IMAS is with us on that journey. By the end of 2023, we will reach 280 physical stores, and IMAS will continue to be a strong partner on our ongoing journey," says Niklas Holz at Søstrene Grene.


About IMAS Group

Using the latest technology and expertise in collecting intelligent visitor and sales data, IMAS Group empowers customers to make informed decisions. IMAS Group has a global presence with offices in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.


About Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene is a Danish family-owned retail chain founded in 1973, with 280 stores across 16 markets in Europe.


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